B+R Architects

B+R Architects was my first real education in BIM, I knew how Revit worked, in the same way that I know how to drive a car but I’ve never driven in a grand-prix.

We delivered Waitrose & John Lewis stores up and down the UK, large and small, simple and astoundingly complicated, new, and refurbishment. There was an inspiring and tenacious culture of young technical designers challenging each other, learning and sharing ideas in the earliest days of BIM and Revit adoption in the UK.

My first major task was to build out a library of new Revit content for Waitrose stores. The workflow which took the process of creating a total set of room data sheets from 3 weeks to 4 days for a full store.

With the tools which are now available to us with Revit, I’m confident that this could be further squeezed to both knock time off in the manual creation of views and sheets, to give time back to the graphic styling and quality control process.

In our most structurally demanding and complex schemes, modern BIM Coordination and the speed of our internet for constant video calls and near-live coordination didn’t quite exist to the extent that it does in 2020, we sat the project engineer into our office to do side-by-side co-working. with inherently complex schemes where the grids are in the Architects ownership but the location of them is owned by the engineer’s design

As designs progressed, the contractural framework we primarily worked in were very confrontational when we were novated. This demanded totally coordinated and considered designs with little to no scope for change orders to catch omissions or oversights, down to every meter of handrail being correct at pre-tender stages.

As a team we strove to push boundaries of what we could do in a new and exiting age of Building Information Modelling. We teamed up with our clients and their technology suppliers to design test and rollout new ideas and workflows which are now common in the industry.