Eimhin Rafferty Design & Technology.

I’m a Design Technologist with 10+ years working with big teams delivering on demanding projects in architecture, construction and internal business systems.

About me

I’ve trained as an Architectural Technologist in Dublin, and moved to London in 2010.

Things I love

Sports & Cycling: I love to be out on the road or a trail moving

Music & Arts: Listening, playing or creating.

Being a Dad: What even is sleep?

Latest posts

6 things that drive me:

  1. Help people to do their best work.
  2. Learn something new.
  3. Build Things.
  4. Get to know other people.
  5. Get to know myself.
  6. Solve Problems.

Career and Education

  • WeWork
    No company like WeWork has ever existed. The product is amazing, the customer experience is best in class & the business was on a growth course no private physical infrastructure company has ever or will ever go on again. But the real attraction for me… Continue reading WeWork
  • Pascal + Watson
    An opportunity as BIM Coordinator and Project BIM Manager for one of the largest infrastructure projects in the UK, the London City Airport Development Programme, was a dream. A talented and hard-working team under impeccable leadership in Pascalls was the backbone of the entire project.… Continue reading Pascal + Watson
  • WGI
    WGI Architects was founded in 1901 and has a mesmerizing history, catalog of iconic buildings around the world. My time in WGI was an amazing chance to work on incredible healthcare, Education, and Housing project, from competition to completion. From the Main Partner and the project… Continue reading WGI
  • 1508 London
    1508 London is a design studio which specialises in private residential, hospitality and multi-unit developments at the luxury end of the market.
  • B+R Architects
    B+R Architects was my first real education in BIM, I knew how Revit worked, in the same way that I know how to drive a car but I’ve never driven in a grand-prix. We delivered Waitrose & John Lewis stores up and down the UK, large… Continue reading B+R Architects
  • Architectural technology 2006 – 2010
    a unique problem-solving skillset: focused on practical outcomes and cross-functional communication I graduated from the first year of a new Honours program at the Dublin Institute of Technology in 2010. this program was developed to advance the professional skills of Graduate Architectural Technologists. Architectural Technology… Continue reading Architectural technology 2006 – 2010